The Art of Mastering Crabs

Crab Dynasty: Tips and Tricks When Picking, Cleaning, and Eating a Crab

Crabs and crab meat may come in picked or whole meat. Crab meat can be labeled as “flake” or in smaller pieces of meat, “lump” or large pieces, and “claw” or the crab’s claws. Whenever possible, it is best to purchase live crabs at Crab Dynasty. The number of crabs per person depends on the type of crab, wherein you need to count two soft-shell crabs or six steamed hard shell crabs per person. Do not buy or eat whole, dead, and uncooked crabs.

When it comes to picking and eating crabs, you have to prepare a bowl for cooked crabs, a bowl for pure meat, and another for the shells. While there are a lot of ways to pick crabs, you can begin by the removal of the legs and the claws. When opening the body, use your both thumbs to pull the top and separate it from the rest of the body. You can clean the crab by removing the front end and pinch it away from the rest of the body. You would be able to identify the lungs of the crab which appear feathery whitish or yellowish cones lining the side of the crab’s body. The lungs must be carefully removed and thrown away. You will definitely love the center part of the crab where you can find the greenish liver and the bright orange colored eggs or roe (coral) of a female crab.

The coral part of a crab is very tasty and delicious, which is an ingredient when cooking crab cakes and crab soups. If you want to eat the good meat, you’ll find it inside the snow crab’s legs, king crab’s legs, Dungeness crabs, and blue crabs. Grab the crab’s sides and break the body into two to see the good meat inside. It can be challenging and daunting getting out all the delicious meat from the maze of cartilaginous channels but you’ll get used to it and you’ll pick much faster the next time. While it is true that smaller crabs have little meat, they can be added into sauces and stocks to get the sweet crab flavor of your seafood dish.

You can buy Alaskan king crab legs at Crab Dynasty, the leader in supplying seafood in the United States. Alaskan king crab legs are found in the cold waters of Alaska, which are fully loaded with succulent, rich, and sweet meat. Learn more about crabs, best ways to cook, and how to clean and eat them by checking Crab Dynasty’s homepage or website now.

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