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Why it is Important to Teach Music

Music is the form of art that is enjoyed by most people by either singing, playing of musical instruments, or by listening to it. Music is also a subject in schools that can enrich the lives of students in many ways. It is as important as any other subject in school. This article aims to explain music as a subject and how it benefits students in school.

The ability to deal with stress is one of the benefits of musical training in schools. School work may exhaust students in a way that it becomes hard for them to balance extracurricular activities. When the amount of schoolwork to be done increases, this may impose a lot of stress on students making them lead a stressful life With the need to score higher grades, students can find themselves being subjected to pressure. With the help of music training in schools, students will be able to easily deal with this kind of pressure as they will be relieved from stress.

Music training in schools helps enhance the brain development of a student. Following a good research, students who play musical instruments and listen to music are said to have a better neural processing ability compared to those who do not listen to music at all. This explains the benefit of training music in schools as a subject. Students who take music training seriously are said to have a high IQ compared to those who does not, this is a report by music teachers. This is helpful in enhancing the reading comphresion abilities of a student.

Music education is important as it enhances discipline among students in schools. Students are required to stay keen during training as they listen to tunings, tempos and harmonies. This instills a sense of discipline in shaping listening skills of a student. The discipline that the students are learning will be helpful to them in the future. Students learn to balance between other activities as they make time for their music practice. This builds discipline in the life of that student.

Music training helps improve creativity in the life of a student. This can have a positive effect on their future. The originality required in music enables many students to become more creative even in other areas of life. This is because there has to be creativity for music to be termed as original. This is good for students because creativity is known to be a key element and competent for a successful life.

Music education is also helpful as it influences school’s graduation rates in a positive way. There is a big difference between schools where music training is done and those without music lessons as the former are said to record a higher graduation rates compared to the latter. Music has positively impacted students. Therefore, schools should incorporate music training to reap the academic benefits of music education.

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